How To Correct Flat Feet

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Everyone's foot has a natural arch formed by their bones and ligaments. This arch is an essential part of the structure of your foot, and it allows you to stand, walk, and run without pain. If your arches are lower than normal, you have flat feet. Flat feet can cause pain and make it difficult to take part in daily activities. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to relieve your discomfort and correct your fallen arches. Here are just a few things you can try:

1. Visit a podiatrist for a diagnosis.

Podiatrists specialize in foot health. Flat feet can sometimes be difficult to diagnose visually, so if you're experiencing pain in your feet, it's worthwhile to visit a doctor. A podiatrist will examine your feet manually, and they may also perform imaging tests. X-rays and MRIs can allow your podiatrist to see what's going on inside your foot. If there is a problem with your bones, tendons, or ligaments, it will show up on the tests.

2. Wear shoe inserts.

If your arches are too low, you may be able to compensate by placing shoe inserts into your footwear. These inserts provide extra padding, which can help your fallen arches support your body weight. You can get shoe inserts from most drug stores. In some cases, your podiatrist might recommend custom inserts, which they can make based on your measurements. Shoe inserts are inexpensive, so they're a good first treatment to test.

3. Stretch regularly.

Since your arches are made up of soft tissue such as tendons, stretching can help to loosen ligaments that are too tight. You can try to correct your foot pain by stretching your ankles and feet regularly. Stretch when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Make sure to only stretch as far as feels comfortable, since you don't want to injure yourself accidentally. Your podiatrist can recommend stretches that will best help your condition.

4. Keep your shoes on.

Many people remove their shoes as soon as they get home. Unfortunately, for people with flat feet, going barefoot can exacerbate their discomfort. If you feel pain when walking barefoot, try keeping your shoes on in the house. If you're concerned about tracking dirt inside, get a special pair of shoes that you only wear indoors. Look for shoes that provide a lot of arch support.


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